Little Stackers Weighted Straw Sippy Cup 2 pack (240ml)

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Little Stackers Weighted Straw Sippy Cup 2 pack (240ml) is perfect for Kiddos aged 6+ months and parents who appreciate stylish kids’ products—and an organized home.

Straws are not suitable for a child under 6 months.

2x Sippy Lids For a very, very kid-friendly cup.

2x Handy Handles Super grippy, and easy (for parents) to add and remove.

2x Cups (240ml) Easy to clean. Bottle brushes? Unnecessary!

2x Weighted Straws Tip me up & twist me ‘round! Drink from any angle!

1x Straw Cleaner You’re welcome.

Made from PP silicone, steel & nylon with zip, zero, zilch BPA.

Remember to always remove and dispose of any packaging before handing to the kids.

Hang onto the warnings and care instructions (inside your pack) for future reference—or click here to check them out now.

As for sizing, that would be 130mm(h) x 126mm(w) (with closed lid and handles).

You’re doing great.