Joey Mama Wonderful Mother Mug

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What better way to sip your morning coffee (or hot beverage of choice) than in your Wonderful Mother Mug. Enjoy caffeinated goodness while being reminded what an incredible mother you are (because let's be honest, we all need that reminder some days!) A perfect mug for any mum, whether as a thoughtful gift for yourself or for someone else, to give you a boost when you need it most.

Benefits of your Wonderful Mother Mug;

  • Holds hot beverages like a champ
  • Boosts morale on the hard days
  • Reminds you that you're a wonderful mother when you need it most
  • Pretty as a picture

Features of your Wonderful Mother Mug;

  • 375ml Ceramic Mug
  • Beautiful unique design
  • Gentle hand wash recommended 

Please note: each mug is slightly unique in its own way, they are not perfect and that is part of their charm. There may be some minor differences from one mug to the next, due to the way they are printed. However, just like us mama's - they are all wonderful.